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PACKAGING: Developments in smart packaging are enabling companies to reap the rewards of increased efficiency.

GREENER SUPPLY CHAINS: Making your supply chain more sustainable can bring cost savings and brand enhancement

ENERGY SUPPLY: Business needs to re-assess its energy sources to ensure a secure, affordable supply.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Become a leader of the low carbon economy by embracing the biggest challenge of the century. 

STRESS: Businesses that take their workforce’s stress issues seriously will see returns in terms of boosted productivity. 

TRANSPARENCY: Businesses can turn an increasingly transparent corporate environment to their advantage. 

BUILDINGS: Adopting more sustainable approaches to the buildings we work in makes sound business sense.

URBAN TRANSPORT: Explore how cities and businesses are addressing urban transport challenges around the world.

HEATING/COOOLING: Business doesn’t have to waste huge sums of money on heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

BIODIVERSITY: Learn why biodiversity matters and how business can benefit from protecting it.

WATER: Understand the latest developments in managing water for business and how your company should respond.

CITIES: There are countless opportunities for business to meet ever-growing urban populations’ needs.

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CORPORATE TRANSPARENCY: Perspectives on the benefits of corporate governance and transparency.


ENERGY PERSPECTIVES: Thoughts on future energy solutions from various leading voices in the sector.


RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS: Introducing a range of perspectives on the benefits of being a responsible business.